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Create Pharmacy Commercial Kitchen by Modersy Interior

Modersy Interior LTD. specializes in custom woodworking for the commercial and retail sectors, including reception centers, restaurants, shop fit-outs, professional office suites, schools, and health centers. We manufacture quality joinery for builders and architects, as well as offering a design and project management service for the discerning renovator.

Our specialist designers customize the size of your custom cabinets, built-ins, and layout to maximize your office or retail space while considering color scheme, storage, and function.

Our qualified design team will help design cabinet & storage systems to suit your preferred office or shop design, whether it is traditional, modern, or contemporary, and add value and enjoyment to your workspace for years to come.

what we do

Create Pharmacy Commercial Kitchen by Modersy Interior

Modersy Interior takes the passion of crafting commercial cabinets and couples it with the challenges of maintaining design intentease of installation, and product quality. The greatest achievement is in manufacturing a product that accomplishes all three.

Our Custom Cabinets provide functional and attractive storage space for your business.

Cabinets are an integral part of many commercial environments. A happy marriage of form and function, they help set the tone for commercial settings with their design, material, and coloring, while facilitating a necessary utility of the business – storage.

We believe that quality materials make the product. Use poor materials, and you end up with a poor product. This is particularly important when your business’ reputation is at stake. First impressions matter. And we want to make the custom commercial cabinetry and casework in your business shine. Our experts consider the quality of every material we use:

  • Edging
  • Board composition
  • Hardware
  • Laminate grades
  • Finishes
  • Fasteners

At Modersy Interior, we ensure that our product will last, captures the design intent, maintains its utility, and looks great. It is an active process to sort out mismatched ingredients to achieve the most valuable commercial cabinets, and Modersy Interior does it with every Commercial Project.

We begin with the industry-standard European style framework and offer a wide library of laminate colors and finishes to choose from. Adhering to our standards can help reduce costs while maintaining our standard of quality or better.

Specializing in Commercial Projects

Create Pharmacy - Commercial Kitchen Project

Medical Projects

Custom Cabinets & Casework for The Healthcare Industry

We partner with Contractors who have extensive experience building in the medical industry. Our casework has found homes with Cardiologists, Neurologists, Oncologists, Pediatricians, Plastic Surgeons, and in General Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Research Centers, and Therapy Centers. We offer custom solutions for remodeled spaces, ground-up buildings, specialty devices, and storage options.

Office Projects

Custom Cabinets, Reception Desks & Casework

Many companies offer furniture for businesses; however, they are often modular in scope and limited to a few select colors. Modersy Interior can provide completely custom casework, in whatever laminate or finish color best matches your space and budget. We have provided office furniture for entire multimillion-dollar facilities as well as simple, remodeled, budget offices.


Banking Projects

Custom Casework, Cabinets & Countertops for Bank institution.

While new technologies have made many banking centers more high tech, some things will never change—like the need for quality customer service, professional and well designed facilities, and the overall feeling of safety and security.

Luxury, Fashionable Retail Store

Retail Projects

Custom Casework, Cabinets & Countertops for Retail.

At Modersy Interior, we know that every business has different display needs. For retail businesses especially, a well-designed display can mean the difference between high sales or an empty shop. We have worked extensively with retail customers, and we can anticipate your needs and offer solutions that will help you attract customers.

coffeehouse, bar, shop

Coffee House, Bar & Restaurant Projects

Custom Casework, Cabinets & Countertops for Coffee House, Bars & Restaurants.

From bar tops to hostess stands to booths Modersy Interior can create custom casework for your restaurant that will wow your customers and create a dining experience they will not forget. We can handle any application your restaurant may need no matter what your role in the restaurant industry is from popular chain restaurants to unique establishments.

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custom made cabinets by modersy interior
premium cabinets by modersy interior
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Our Latest Project

Modersy Interior Custom Commercial Cabinets are built with integrity, engineered with installation in mind, and finished to blend with the design intent of the environment. We want our product to help all parties involved look their best. Let us help you create the look you want and the function you need in your commercial cabinets.


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